"How 'The FORMULA' Can Grow Your Business FAST"
...And Do It Using Dozens Of Zero, Or Low-Cost, Proven Tactics & Strategies
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Most Businesses Fail Because They DON'T Have A Business Growth SYSTEM...
Implement 'The FORMULA' As Your Business Growth System
...and it puts your growth on autopilot
From: Steve Hackney
London, England

During your SELL MORE STUFF Challenge you discovered that there IS a scientific and proven way to grow your business. We call this breakthrough 'The FORMULA'. It has 5 easy-to-apply component parts, each combining to bring any business which applies it, a complete business growth system... 
Growing your business isn't rocket science, but it IS a science - and simply knowing what The FORMULA is and then applying it to your business effectively, are two completely different scenarios. In fact, when most people try to apply The FORMULA themselves without support, they fail because they don't have a systemised process to help or access to all the ZERO or LOW COST tactics and strategies associated with each of the 5 component parts of The FORMULA. 

But there is an easy, proven and highly effective way to implement The FORMULA Into your business...

Introducing the 'Sales ACCELERATOR Programme'...
Join Tens Of Thousands Of Businesses...
The Sales ACCELERATOR Programme Ensures You Seamlessly Integrate The FORMULA Into Your Business
...so you'll be making more sales, even within the first month
We created the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme to fulfil one vital objective... to make it easy for anyone to implement The FORMULA into their business AND to give them instant and long-lasting results.

More importantly, we created the programme for busy owners of small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). We know it's challenging running a  small and medium-sized business, and due to the pressures, often you have little time to spend working on the business. 

That's why we created the programme to be quick and easy to implement whilst bringing you sustained results. In fact, we've made it so easy... another member of your team can implement it (if necessary). It requires zero skill and expertise in sales and marketing,... because we give you everything you need. We'll even give you your own experienced 'Business Growth Mentor' to help guide, reassure you and keep you on track.

Join thousands of people across the world who are enjoying often life-changing results using the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme.

For example, these are the kinds of results people are getting from every imaginable industry and in over 75 countries across the world... 

"Doubled My Turnover And Trebled My Profits"

"In the last 3 years our new client acquisitions were 161 clients, 172, and 177. This year we are on target to hit over 200 new business clients. More importantly, during this time I have doubled my turnover and trebled my profits. ." 
Andy Page
PH Accountancy

In 3 Months The Referral System Has Generated £154,000"

"We created a referral programme using the Referral System templates and examples in The Core Asset Vault. We spent just £2,300 and in the in the first 3 months it generated £154,000 in extra sales.” 
Gary Pierce, Hopes & Dreams Children's Nurseries

"Sales Up 3 Times On Like-For-Like Sales Versus Last Year"

"I have reiterated to staff the need to up-sell using the scripts and this month we have been up 3 times on like-for-like sales versus last year. Amazing – thank you the Mentoring Programme is even better than I could have imagined.” 
Michael Thickpenny, LP4 (Le Petit Français)

"The Result Was 100% Effective"

“Joining the programme has been one of the most successful decisions I've made. I find the time I dedicate to the programme valuable in so many ways and totally focused to delivering improved results for my company. 

Rather than hearing and reading about incredible schemes which stood little chance of being completed, clarity and focus quickly demonstrated where and what we should put our effort into.

One strategy involved producing a case study of a recently completed project, and rather than emailing the details to 300 people, we created a list of ten targeted 'dream' clients and produced an A2 board and had it delivered to them. The result was 100% effective, with 2 meetings already taken place and 1 presentation due next week. Receiving 4 written replies of thanks and 3 telephone calls of thanks. I have never experienced results like this before.”
Ralph Peake, Luminaires

"The Single Best Invest In My Whole Career"

joining the Sales Accelerator Programme was my single best invest in my whole career.

Not only does the Core Asset Vault have world class strategies, but the best is - they really work! 

And are easy to implement. Better still, the strategies work for real estate. Especially commercial real estate. Which is different.

For every problem you have there is a proven solution. 

If you are the owner of a small or medium sized company and seriously want to move your company and yourself to the next level, which means more profit, more business on autopilot and more personal freedom you should absolutely invest in the Sales Accelerator Programme.”
Roberto Puth, PUTH SCRE (Strategic Corporate Real Estate)

"We Have Doubled The Size Of Our Established Business"

"We're in quite a weird but highly specialised industry. We repair metal and aluminium parts on ships (oil tankers etc.), vintage cars and the like, using 'cold metal stitching'. In other words we don't apply any heat to fix gaping holes or damaged components. 

We'd tried many different ways to grow the business but it was only when we were introduced to the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme that our sales started to grow.

Since joining the Mentoring Programme we have doubled the size of our already established business and we keep on growing."
Dawn Baker, Baker Technilock Limited
These results and many hundreds more, are made possible because of the ease in which our clients have been able to apply The FORMULA into their businesses by being part of the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme.

There's nothing quite like it anywhere. In fact, as you can see below, we've packed the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme full of value for you. Here's what's included...
Here's What's Included In The Sales ACCELERATOR Programme...
24/7 Access To The Core Asset Vault
Implementing The FORMULA Into Your Business With Ease
The Core Asset Vault contains over 75 proven tactics and strategies to grow any small or medium-sized business. It is the culmination of over 20 years of testing and improving. 

It's objective is simple...

To make it easy for any business owner, irrespective of their expertise or experience in sales and marketing, to quickly and easily apply The FORMULA into their business. 

'The FORMULA' is one of the world's most successful business growth systems used by over 100,000 businesses worldwide and the Vault makes everything so easy for you to create and implement into your own business... no matter what you sell or where you sell it!

The entire process of creating the tactics and strategies is made easy with the overview videos, Playbooks, Fill-In-The-Blank Templates and Never-Miss-A-Thing Checklists (just as you experienced with the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge).

24/7 access to the Vault is worth £697 a month.

The login page for the Core Asset Vault
The 'Dashboard' 
World-Class Step-By-Step Content
21-Day Launch Pad Training
You'll Get Results In The First Couple Of Weeks With The Launch Pad Training
Ensuring You Get The Very Best Results... QUICKLY
When you join the Sales ACCELERATOR Programme, you'll also receive our acclaimed, results-producing online 21-Day Launch Pad Training. 

Every day for 3 weeks you'll receive bite-sized, easy-to-complete assignments (from 30 minutes to a couple of hours) which will ensure you grow your business quickly. 

Don't worry if you can't fit the training into your schedule on a daily basis - just complete it when time allows. But, the sooner you complete the training the sooner you'll start to see results.

The 21-Day Launch Pad Training is worth £997.
Internet Mastery
What's Working Online NOW!
We spend (invest) hundreds of thousands every year on online marketing and advertising and know what's working now (and what isn't!).

Every month you'll get one complete 'What's Working Now' online marketing tactic or strategy to implement into your business. 

Each one is a step-by-step training programme on exactly what you need to do to get results too.

Tactics include...
  • Exactly How To Set Up A Sales Funnel That Produces Results 24/7
  • ​The Complete Guide To Running Highly Successful Webinars (No Matter What You Sell)
  • YouTube Advertising - Using In-Stream Ads To Multiply Your Sales & Scale Your Business
  • Using Cheap LinkedIn Text Ads To Pinpoint Your Perfect Customers And Generate A Constant Flow Of Sales
  • ​Setting Up A YouTube Channel To Drive FREE & Highly-Targeted Traffic To Your Funnels
  • ​Creating A Sales-Generating Facebook Ads Campaign On A Shoestring Budget
  • ​And much more...
Access to 'Internet Mastery' is normally £497 per month.
Monthly ACCELERATE Webinars
The Monthly 'ACCELERATE Webinars'
LIVE 'How To Grow Your Business' Webinars
As a Sales ACCELERATOR Programme member you're also invited to our monthly ACCELERATE Webinars. Each month you get 30-45 minutes of easily-digestible content delivered online by Steve in person. 

Each ACCELERATE Webinar is recorded so even if you can't tune in live, you can watch at a more convenient time. 

They are inspirational, motivational and packed full of easy-to-implement business growth tactics and strategies. 

You'll also get FREE access to over 20 months' worth of the 'back-catalogue' of the ACCELERATE webinars, with hours of world-class, results-producing content.

Access to the ACCELERATE Webinars is normally £197 a month.
Monthly Q&A Masterclass 
Direct Advice From 'The Horse's Mouth'
Every month, for 60 minutes, you get direct access to Steve on the Q&A Masterclass. Steve hosts the call and answers your questions. The calls are highly interactive, inspirational and full of practical advice from someone who's been in the trenches growing thousands of businesses for over 20 years.

Steve will provide advice on anything to do with growing your business and your own personal development. Unmissable. Worth £197 per month.
Members Love The Q&A Masterclass... It Enables Them To Further Accelerate The Growth Of Their Business
Sales Accelerator ROADMAP Software
Ingenious Software Makes Growing Your Business Even Easier!
The Software Saves All Your Individual Results So You Can See Your Progress At A Glance!
Business Growth Software With 'Magic' Algorithm
You should have already experienced the power of the Sales Accelerator ROADMAP as one of your day 5 assignments. 

Developed over a 10-year period, it uses data from thousands of businesses and specific answers from you about your own sales and marketing. 

Then the 'magic' algorithm uses this data to then identify the relative strengths, weaknesses and gaps in your entire sales and marketing and produces an 'Effectiveness Score' and a step-by-step roadmap on what you need to do to accelerate the growth and profits of your business. 

The reality is that you will be leaving so much money on the table right now and the ROADMAP uncovers it all for you. 

There's nothing else like the ROADMAP on the market and it has helped thousands of business owners to quickly take advantage of dozens of untapped tactics and strategies that have an instant impact on their sales and profits. 

As a Sales Accelerator Programme member, you get continuous access to your personal ROADMAP, so you can manage your journey and ensure you’re on track!

Worth £347 a month.
Your Own 'Business Growth Mentor'
World-Class Mentoring Support
If you choose the 'Sales ACCELERATOR Mentoring Programme', you'll also get a world-class Business Growth Mentor' to work with you. Their role is simple...

...to guide, encourage and help you to implement The FORMULA into your business. They also act as a confidant, a trusted advisor and someone to help keep you accountable.

Every mentor has been personally trained by Steve and his team to ensure they reach the very high standards we expect of all our Business Growth Mentors.

Every month you'll have a 45 minute, one-to-one (you can invite your key team too) online meeting in the comfort and safety of your home of office.

These meetings will help you drive your business forward far quicker than doing it on your own and with the support of your own Business Growth Mentor, you'll have someone by your side who will ensure you get the best possible results.

Almost every one of the most successful business owners across the world (including the likes of Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos) has a mentor to help them navigate through the complexities of building their businesses and for the first time ever, you can now get your own 'Business Growth Mentor' working alongside you without you having to 'break the bank'! 

Having your own personal 'Business Growth Mentor' is worth £997 a month.
A Small Selection Of Our World-Class 'Business Growth Mentors'
Scientific Marketing Makeover
Any Tactic You Create Can Be Significantly Optimised With The Help Of Your Mentor!
Optimise EVERY Marketing Tactic & Strategy You Create
When you choose the Sales ACCELERATOR Mentoring Programme, you also get one Scientific Marketing Makeover completed for you each month by your Mentor.

Once you’ve created a tactic or strategy, they'll analyse it and score its effectiveness for you, based on how you've applied the Core Elements (the tactics that make marketing work - as you discovered during the Challenge). 

This ensures maximum results for each of your tactics and strategies and alone will be responsible for significant increases in sales and profits for you. 

Here's an example of what tactics can be transformed with the Scientific Marketing Makeover...
  • WEB SITES (home page)
  • PRINT ADS (magazines, newspapers, trade press, etc.)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA (posts, etc.)
  • AND MORE...
The Scientific Marketing Makeover is worth £397 a month.
Winning Headlines Software
125 Lead- & Sales-Generating Headlines In Less Than 60 Seconds
If you choose the 'Sales ACCELERATOR Mentoring Programme, you'll also get our 'Winning Headlines' software.

As you discovered during the SELL MORE STUFF Challenge, HEADLINES are THE most important element in any marketing and advertising tactic.

Get the headline wrong and your tactic will fail. get it right and your results will soar.

The world's best copywriters agonise for hours and hours over creating the best headlines. But you don't have to do that because with 'Winning Headlines' you'll have 125 completely tailored headlines created for you in less than 60 seconds.

All you have to do is answer 4 simple questions about your offer, press the 'Create' button and you'll have 125 powerful, results-producing headlines created for you. 

The software even categorises each headline for you (All, Command, Question, Reasons Why, How To, News, Testimonial).

Then simply copy and paste your preferred ones and you're good to go!

This is the same software we use to create lead-generating and sales-converting headlines. In two words: IT WORKS!

The Winning Headlines software is worth £297 a month.
Our 'Winning Headlines' Software Produces Over 125 Powerful & Completely Tailored Headlines In Less Than 60 Seconds For You
Example Headlines. Each One Will Perform Well!
Two Value-Packed Membership Programmes
You Simply Choose The One That Suits You Best
(priced so they're affordable for almost anyone)
Don't Risk A Single Penny With Our 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
You already know how good the Vault is. You already know the power of The FORMULA. You already know you can transform your sales. Nevertheless, to put your mind at rest, both programmes come with our no-quibble, 30-Days, 100% money-back guarantee

Here's how it works...

Simply test-drive either Programme for a full 30 days and if during this time you don't think it's for you, simply ask for a 100% refund... and you've got it. We can't be fairer than that can we?
Here's why...

Once this Special Offer expires, you'll have to pay the normal price of £697 per month for the 'Sales ACCELERATOR Programme' (£500 a month MORE) and £1,297 per month for the 'Sales ACCELERATOR Mentoring Programme' (£900 a month MORE).
You will not be offered this Special Offer pricing once it expires. 

Remember, even though you won't want to, you can cancel at any time. Simply choose your preferred membership programme and you can get started straight away...
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